What is a Live Stream Producer?

What is a Live Stream Producer?
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There are many reasons to broadcast live. Live streaming allows you to connect with your audience in real time, and it's a lot less expensive than traditional media outlets. Live stream producers can help take the pressure away from ensuring that everything goes smoothly by delegating any pain points that may come up during production. Cruz Creative Mediais one of the top providers of Live Stream Producers, which will allow you to focus on content delivery!

Whether you are streaming live for yourself or planning an event for your company, the list of virtual nightmares is quite lengthy. Live stream producers can help take the pressure away from ensuring that everything goes smoothly by delegating any pain points that may come up during production.

What Does a Live Stream Producer Do?

Here are a few examples of what it means to be a Live Stream producer:

  • To ensure that the live stream has a smooth flow, it's a good idea to plan ahead of time and create a solid run of show.
  • Graphic/asset designs that are in line with your brand guidelines and voice.
  • Setting up and scheduling a live broadcast to your preferred platform(s) this could be YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch or even a RTMP fees
  • Before the show, it's a good idea to carry out technical checks with you and your guests to make sure there aren't any "gremlins" during the broadcast.
  • The process of turning on the stream and operating it – starting a broadcast, controlling overlays, placing speakers on screen at the correct moments, rolling video/audio, and so forth.

This is only a sample of the many things that a producer may be responsible for. Keep in mind that the goal of adding a producer to your team is to free you from any responsibilities that might otherwise detract from your ability to provide an organised event!

💁🏼 Pro Tip: Before we get started with our list of what to look for while hiring a live stream producer, take a look at this example live show on how to create a successful livestream:

How a Live Stream Producer Can Help Your Video Production | Design Bundles

7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Live Stream Producer

Isn't it time you started promoting your live streams? There are a lot of things to think about when employing a live stream producer for your broadcasts, so let's get started. Now that you've decided to start broadcasting, there are some things you need to consider before hiring a live stream producer for your events.

1. Experience

The more experience your producer has, the better equipped they will be to run your show like a professional. A seasoned expert may have worked in other mediums such as television, theatre, and corporate events. These various experiences assist in a variety of ways.
For example, a television producer is likely to have significant experience with delivering material over a teleprompter. A theatre producer, on the other hand, has a better feel for the show flow during a LIVE performance, and calling “CUT!” isn't an option.
Of course, make sure you get someone with prior production experience. Just because you see "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" or another popular show on their CV doesn't imply they had high-level responsibilities at their last job.

2. Solid Technical Understanding

A good live streaming producer will know all of the ins and outs of your selected platform. They'll also be able to assist on-screen participants and guests who are very likely unfamiliar with it. While public speaking is typically considered to be people's greatest anxiety, technology may come in a close second. The combination of these two factors can lead to anxiety in many presenters, especially if they do not get the adequate support.
It's important to have a technical producer who can swiftly address any issues that may arise.
A live stream producer should have a great deal of expertise with the platform/studio they are using, as well as a grasp of other streaming equipment. This might include computers, routers, microphones, cameras, lights, switchers, and mixers. This will guarantee that speakers get the assistance they require, regardless of their setup or technical skill.

3. Ability to Operate in High-Stress Situations

Part of what makes a live event exciting is the unpredictability of the medium - whether it's in a theatre or streamed to a YouTube channel. The ability to take a hit, remain calm, and bounce back is something that experienced performers, speakers, and producers all have. They have the ability to alter the strategy on the fly if required.
When a presenter's internet goes down just two minutes before live broadcasting, high-stress situations can arise. Consider how much stress it would be to have a waiting audience behind the curtain. It's tricky.
If a bad scenario arises, a successful producer is the one who stays cool. They'll swiftly and instinctively solve problems while also coming up with on-the-fly solutions if no alternative exists.
Your live stream producer should be able to handle your speaker(s) successfully while maintaining a "Show Must Go On" attitude in an unpredictable scenario.

4. Attention to Detail

An excellent live stream producer is very detail-oriented, to the point that they are almost compulsive in their attention to detail. Many details must be planned correctly, in the correct sequence, and frequently in rapid succession, owing to the fast pace of many events.
Expect your producer to ask dozens of questions and take extensive notes, which might seem somewhat excessive. The live stream producer is in charge of every detail, so you don't have to. As a result, count on them to worry about the little things. This might lead to a more efficient show flow.

5. Excellent Communication Skills

It's quite simple: pick a live stream producer that is easy to reach. Someone who responds promptly or enthusiastically picks up the phone to help you and your other presenters. As virtual events continue to develop, you should be able to trust that your producer will keep up with changes and report them to the rest of the team.
Similarly, a successful producer recognizes any potential snags or missing assets as soon as possible in order to ensure that the team has plenty of time to debate backup choices.
Finally, your producer should be polite and well-spoken. Keep in mind that they are the face of your business. They must deliver a high-quality product.

6. Reliable Setup

Does your live stream producer need a $2000 webcam with all the bells and whistles, including three-point lighting, a green screen background, and better graphics? Not really! They'll almost never be seen on camera outside of closed-door preparation sessions and rehearsals. Consider your producer to be the stage manager who is stationed behind the wings of a Broadway show. They don't have to look wow.
However, they need a stable studio environment with rapid uploading/download speeds. They must also have a direct link to (at the very least) one router/modem via hard-wired Ethernet connections. The importance of plugging into Ethernet is well understood by anybody who works in the live streaming and virtual event industry. It's particularly essential when it comes to reducing the risk of internet disconnections.
Also, your producer should have a battery backup supply. It will assist them in keeping their studio operational and connected in the event of an outage that would otherwise cause your event to halt.
Finally, your producer should have trustworthy hardware (computers, switchers, mixers, etc.) that are capable of running the event without overloading the CPU or tripping a circuit.

7. Passion for High-End Production

There are employees in every sector who are perfectly satisfied with mediocre performance. A “satisfactory” broadcast should never make your producer happy. They should strive to take your brand to the next level rather than settling for a “good enough” show.
Finding the perfect match may take some time. But, like any good relationship, you will be able to tell when it clicks.

We deliver live video streams to all content platforms
Cruz Creative Media was my obvious choice as a partner on running my virtual summit. Creating a seamless user experience, a look and feel that was felt throughout and helping me do what I do best - present and deliver my content. The last thing you want as a presenter or host is to have to run all the background activities taking away precious time and attention for you to connect and perform at your best. Cruz Creative Media handled all behind-the-scenes activities and together we delivered an online experience that people thoroughly enjoyed.


A live stream producer is one of the most important additions to your business. Keep in mind that finding the suitable collaboration may be a long-term investment that pays off handsomely. A live stream producer can handle everything from increasing the value of your production to allowing you to light up the stage and deliver your broadcast with complete confidence that a professional is behind the wheel.

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