Social Media Video Tips & Strategies

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Social Media Video Tips & Strategies
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Video is the most important type of content for social media and it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Video comes in all sorts of formats, from 5-hour video podcasts through live video shows, produced YouTube Videos, Reels to everyday stories.

Everyone is on video and everyone should be on video! Why?  Well, from this workshop you will find out WHY Video is the most important content type for social media.

Why is video THE KING?  We’ll walk you through the social video basics, help you figure out how to get started, and give you the basic tools to make sure your social media video strategy is the most successful it can be.

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Social Media - Video Tips & Strategies

We’ll go over what makes good social media video content and what is an absolute no-go.  If you’re afraid of being on camera, don’t worry.

We have a series of exercises and ideas that will get you camera ready!
So, buckle up because we have a lot to talk about! We’ll walk you through Video Content that’s Instagram-ready (yes, we’ll talk about reels too) to what fits best on Facebook and YouTube.

And finally, we will go through why you should be live streaming for your business. And how live streaming can differentiate you from your competition and put you on the map.

Here’s what you can expect Structure of the workshop:

  1. Introduction – Today Video is King
  2. Social Media Video Basics
  3. Facebook Video Basics
  4. Instagram Video Basics
  5. YouTube Video Basics
  6. Live Streaming for social media
  7. Q&A
Written by
Agata Pawlak
Digital Content Creator | Social Media Manager | YouTuber - Women's Health Made Easy | Event Speaker
James Tucker
Digital Project Manager | Social Media Manager | Content Creator | Notion & Productivity Expert
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