The Life Of A Social Media Manager with Agata Pawlak

photo of agata pawlak, social media manager
photo of agata pawlak, social media manager
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You know what? We're so excited to share this episode of SocialInsider’s “Life of a Social Media Manager” podcast with you! 🎧

The guest on today's podcast episode is Agata Pawlak, our awesome social media manager, content creator and video producer at Cruz Creative Media.

She's been a social media manager for more than seven years, and she is also the co-founder of Cruz Creative Media. She helps brands create content by developing strategies that attract and engage audiences on social media.

In this episode of the “Life of a Social Media Manager”, we dive into Agata's favourite type of content: video. She believes that it's key to success on social media—and she's right too! So listen in as Agata shares her tips for creating great content and how to get started with your own Instagram Reels.

We hope you enjoy this episode! ❤️

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