How to Use Instagram for Business

Watch this online webinar by Agata Pawlak as she shares her insights on how to boost your online profile and use Instagram to engage customers as well as grow your business online.
How to Use Instagram for Business
How to Use Instagram for Business
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Are you using Instagram to promote your business, products or services? Then, you should watch this session. Watch the video and fine out more.

Here's What We Cover in the Video

✅ How to setup your business profile.
✅ Create engaging infographics and Videos for Instagram.
✅ How to get the best from your stories & reels.
✅ Hashtag Optimization.
✅ Performance Marketing & Measurement.
✅ Audience Q&A session.

More About Agata Pawlak

Agata Pawlak is a Content Creator, Social Media Manager and co-founder of Cruz Creative Media.
She has ran this organisation very successfully for the past few years that provides digital content creation and marketing to companies, helping businesses all over the world connect with their customers.
Cruz Creative Media specialises in video and live video content & produce and manage livestreams, video podcasts and Virtual Events. Agata is based out of Santa Cruz, Spain. 🌋

Agata Pawlak video camera
Agata Pawlak | Co-founder | Cruz Creative Media

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James Tucker
Digital Project Manager | Social Media Manager | Content Creator | Notion & Productivity Expert
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