Connecting with Global Audiences: Expanding Your Personal Brand

Connecting with Global Audiences: Expanding Your Personal Brand
Connecting with Global Audiences: Expanding Your Personal Brand
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What if we told you that the secret to build memorable personal brands is to do it on your own terms? Would you believe us if we told you that narrowing down your passions and focusing on only one of them may discourage you from getting started? What if you could find supporters and paying clients by tapping into new audiences with GREAT content on your social networks?

Power Skills - Virtual Career Summit

Agata and James will demystify what it means to be successful on social media. The two dynamic duo will convince you that you are the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal, help you identify the steps in writing an effective content strategy for social media, and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone!

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📅 Date: August 4-7, 2021

Cruz Creative Media Presenters | James Tucker & Agata Pawlak
James Tucker & Agata Pawlak | Cruz Creative Media

PowerSkills 2021 is a FREE 4-day virtual career summit that is sure to inspire, motivate, create, and connect with a dynamic series of keynote addresses, workshops, webinars, panel discussions and café chats featuring powerhouse speakers.

Organized by the Career Advising and Transition Services team at McGill the School of Continuing Studies, the event brings together best-selling authors, Ted X speakers, global thought leaders, business innovators, changemakers and disruptors, world-class experts, professional athletes, social activists, industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Written by
James Tucker
Digital Project Manager | Social Media Manager | Content Creator | Notion & Productivity Expert
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