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How to Use Notion for Digital Content Creation

How to Use Notion for Digital Content Creation

Recently I was a speaker at the Social Media Content Summit hosted by Social Media Pro, where I gave a presentation about how you can adopt an Agile framework in marketing to help you plan, organise and prioritise your content creation processes.

Social Media Content Summit | Agile + Content Creation = Success | James Tucker

💥 Did you know going Agile can help you plan, organise and prioritise your content creation processes?

👏 Agile is now commonly found as a successful new way of working for many teams, such as Marketing and Content Creators.

🤔 .. but what tool can I use to organise all my content creation in one place.

At Cruz Creative Media we use Agile to successfully organise our work. The Internet is full of tools help you get work done, but only a few of them are effective.
Planning out our content is essential for our business and clients, whether it's socail media, blog posts, podcasts, videos, live streams, or anything else. We use Notion to get the job done!

Manage your Content Using Notion

Manage your content creation processes easier than ever with this FREE Notion template. This simple tool helps you manage all of your work in one place.
We also have a BONUS GIFT for you!! 🎉 We will also include the presentation to supliment your learning around Agile methodologies.

Subscribe now and get your FREE Notion template and start managing you're content today!  👇

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