Meet Cruz Creative Co-Founder, Agata Pawlak.

Agata Pawlak - a professional Social Media Manager and YouTuber, content creator and health enthusiast - helping you succeed in social media.
Meet Cruz Creative Co-Founder, Agata Pawlak.
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In this week's blog we focus on our very own wonder woman, Agata Pawlak.
Agata is co-founder of Cruz Creative Media and all round Wonder Woman. 🦸‍♀️
She has over 6 years experience in Social Media Management, Content Creation, Graphic Design & Health Expert on her own YouTube channel. Wow! 💥

What is a Social Media Manager?
What is a Social Media Manager?

Agata dons these multiple roles and skills through her venture Cruz Creative Media, a Creative Content & Social Media Marketing Agency, which she co-founded with James Tucker in 2019. Producing cutting-edge creative digital content and digital marketing strategies, she manages our social media and our client's social media pages to perfection. 👌

Agata Pawlak | Digital Content Creator | Donating My Hair To Cancer Patients

Let’s find out a little more about Agata Pawlak.

She came on holiday to the Canaries and fell in love with the islands 3 years ago. After returning back to work in the cold, dark northern climate of Sweden she decided:

"That’s it, that’s not enough sunshine even for a Polish girl." 😊

Having experience in sales management as well as a background in tv and radio production, she started her own YouTube channel. Her love for video turned into a love for video marketing. Having experience in driving sales through social media as well made it a perfect mix to become a co-founder of Cruz Creative Media.

She now works remotely and with local businesses to help them strengthen their online presence. Her favourite thing about Tenerife is not the weather. She loves the ocean…🌊 its vast, powerful and amazing, great for the body and soul!

💙 I guess after living in Sweden I love sunshine as well. ☀️

...but you should know something else about Agata. She has her own YouTube channel "Women's Health Made Easy" check out her YouTube channel here, she goes LIVE every Tuesday 👇🏼

Agata Pawlak - Women's Health Made Easy

🤓 Now, here's an interesting fact about Agata Pawlak. She was a child actress in the 1997 polish film, Ksiega wielkich zyczen.

Ksiega wielkich zyczen (1997) - IMDb
Directed by Slawomir Krynski. With Gustaw Holoubek, Henryk Machalica, Martyna Michalska, Danuta Szaflarska. After the fire of an orphanage, a group of small girls is moved to an old people’s sanatorium where childhood has to be confronted with old age.
1997 polish film - Ksiega wielkich zyczen
Schedule a call and have a chat with Agata and James - we can help you with your content creation & marketing. We can’t wait to collaborate with you and be part of your success story.

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